Vacation during a pandemic: how to spend time profitably

Due to the threat of the spread of the coronavirus, everyone was advised to refrain from traveling abroad in the near future and avoid crowds. Therefore, going to warm countries to the sea will not work. I picked up options for what to do and where to go to people whose vacation fell in the spring.

Visit relatives

We often postpone visits to loved ones because of current affairs. But now it’s not safe to travel. And here he is – a great chance to visit your beloved grandmother or, for example, sister and finally see your nephews. Family is the most important thing in life.

Take care of health

The rhythm of modern life dictates its terms to us. Children, home, work, friends, daily activities. And there is absolutely no time to take care of your own health, which, as you know, cannot be bought for money. Only after 40 years do you begin to think that it was necessary to heal that chronic sore, which is now haunted.

“During a pandemic, go to a sanatorium, go for medical procedures. By the way, they can also be pleasant. For example, massage or mineral baths, swimming pool or mud baths. Yes, this is not wine for you to drink in a restaurant somewhere in Milan, but the body will say “thank you” to you, ”says therapist Vasily Andreev.

Make repairs

Repair is always material and labor-intensive, so we love to put it off for later. Until the wallpaper or tiles in the bathroom fall off. And this “later” came. In two weeks, you can have time to change the old laminate to a new one, re-glue the old boring wallpaper in the corridor and, finally, choose a new kitchen. The main thing is to start!

Take care of yourself and your family

During a pandemic, it is advisable to avoid crowds. But home gatherings with the closest ones – no one canceled. You can buy board games, cook a delicious dinner, and choose a couple of movies. Here’s a recipe for a good day. You can also finally read a book that has been on the shelf for six months already or watch your favorite TV series.

Relax in the country

One of the safest options for rest in this situation is to self-isolate in the country. And, by the way, a very good option. Grill barbecue in nature, enjoy the silence and take a break from the bustle of the city. And, most importantly, finally get some sleep!

Even abandoning travel, you can spend your vacation interesting and usefully. It will even be possible to save money and postpone it for future trips. You just need to choose the option that you like.

Now it seems to many that the pandemic has tied them hand and foot, and there are no options for a successful vacation. In fact, this is not the case. There are always options, and to find them, you just need to take a step in the right direction. Sit down, grab a pen and allow yourself to relax and fantasize: what could be the right reboot for you right now? You can throw options with the whole family – such a pastime will already set everyone in a positive mood.

Plan your future trip

The pandemic, hopefully, will end, the borders will open and life will return to normal. If you want to rest exclusively on the Mediterranean Sea (which is now impossible) and no other options suit you at all, start planning your future trip. Choose a route, country, hotels, excursions, collect reviews, calculate expenses, save for some pleasant “surplus” – and it is better if you record all this in some separate document. Plan your dream vacation. By the time the borders open, you will have a perfectly thought-out option that will allow you to relax one hundred percent.

Plan for the future

So, we offer any options and write them down. At the first stage – without thinking about how real they are. From “going to nature with tents” to “going on a trip on a yacht”, “arranging a photo session on the mountain” or “mastering horse riding”. Write down all your “wishes” – keep the list as large as possible. Try not to dwell on the obvious options, and every time the ideas seem to end, say – “maybe something else?” This year we have a unique opportunity to do something that we have never done before, because we chose more familiar options. There is no way to go to the sea, but you can spend time in nature and spend the night in a sleeping bag – this is also an adventure that will remain in your memory.