Happiness is a warm hat

I do like my hat. Particularly on days like today when it is raining buckets. Yes, it’s not just the north west of the UK that’s being drenched at present – although thankfully we’re not getting it quite as badly as Cumbria. It does, however, make driving interesting from time to time.

Such as yesterday. We had a bit of snow earlier this week, which made me think that perhaps it was now time to put the winter tyres on the car. I tend to put off doing that into November because the roads up here are generally clear until pretty late in the year and all I’d be doing would be wearing down the tyres and tearing holes in the tarmac. Snow isn’t really a problem – the yeti handles it with flair, partly due to its weight, and partly due to the size of its tyres.

When I got up yesterday morning I could hear the rain. Hmm… not necessarily a bad thing, as I like rain. Unfortunately this produced the rather unpleasant state of having a layer of water on top of a layer of ice – horrendous stuff. It only covered the side road that leads up to the house, but as it’s a hill it was a bit of a problem. I did try. Twice. The first time I managed to do a 90-degree skid half way between here and the farm next door. Not an enjoyable experience, particularly when there’s a 1m drop off the side of the road and no barriers of any kind. The second time I tried to keep on the less icy side of the road but ended up giving up and pulling off the road onto the grass verge to get back to the house. So it turned into a work from home day instead.

Today, the temperature having been above freezing for the last twenty four hours, the road was merely wet. In spite of that I was rather (and, I think, understandably) tense about the drive down to the main road. The main (ish) road is normally clear, although in wet conditions like today it does tend to be tarmac with four parallel streams running along it… in the gouges torn out of the tarmac by vehicles equipped with studded tyres out of the snow season. This, of course, leads to interesting driving conditions… 🙂

Which brings me back to the hat. It’s not just the roads that have rivers flowing along them – our office car park has the same problem (although the new car park is much better than the old untarmaced one). As I walked across the carpark, watching the stream flow across it, and the rain bouncing off the tarmac, it struck me that my hat was a wonderful thing. My head was warm and dry. Yes, that was definitely good.

I’m now going to have a nice quiet weekend here in the warm and dry. Although at some point I’ll go and put the studded tyres into the back of the car ready to take them into town on Monday to have them fitted. Then, hopefully, it can get wet and snowy again and I won’t need to worry. Or at least I’ll be able to worry a little less.