Got one!

Another first: my office whiteboard is covered with Feynman diagrams and multi-coloured diagrams of quarks in protons, neutrons and kaons.

Yes, it’s even more science geeky than the quantum computing stuff. The reason it’s there is that I’ve spent the last three and a half days working on a funding application for a Super Sekrit Partikul Fizix Projekt. We’ve played host to a visiting academic from Germany, who gave a brilliant talk on the Standard Model, the LHC and the LHCb experiment (which is what the project relates to). Best of all, one of my students came along to the talk and was completely blown away by this whole new field that he’d never come across before. When I saw him after the class I told him that if he had any questions he could come and talk to me, which he did today, hence the stuff on the whiteboard.

It’s so good to see someone become excited by Big Science for the first time. I’m going to count that as a victory and find him a reference to a nice popular science book on the subject to keep him interested. 🙂

All of this project organisation stuff meant that I spent Tuesday in a meeting, Wednesday doing the normal tour of the north (memo to self – it’s a waste of time going to the Nature Baths and then going back to lecture, as your shoulders will feel as tight as ever at the end of it). Thursday was the first flight down to Reykjavik and an evening flight back for more meetings.

It’s been pretty tiring, but I’m feeling quite pleased with myself because I’ve managed to keep within my Calorie targets even with a lot of eating in canteens and restaurant. Unfortunately it appears that the salad bar in the staff canteen has become a casualty of the kreppa, which made things tricky. I was also reminded that it can be difficult to diet at restaurants if you’re not a big fan of lettuce. With our without dressings. Ah well, I survived.

Now I’m hoping for a quiet weekend to complete the last few things I need to sort out before Álfadans next weekend.