Driving down the country

It’s a bit later than planned, and I’m sure I’ve left some stuff at home, but I’m now sitting in the restaurant at Hotel Keflavík.

I gad planned to pack last night and then leave the office a bit early so I could be down here at 8ish to grab a meal in town. Instead I spent the evening wrestling with a spreadsheet for a meeting this afternoon – with about 24 hours notice.

So instead I ended up packing this morning and as a result I’m sure I’ve left some stuff behind, which annoys me.

The meeting went as expected, but I didn’t manage to get away early after all. I then had the 400km drive south to a hotel close to the airport. This was complicated by the Reykjavík road system, which is a strange thing; many of the turnings are only one or side of the road, so if you miss one you can’t just take the next turning, do a U-turn and go back to the turning. Instead to have to take the next turning and navigate by dead reckoning through the residential areas to try to rejoin the road before the turning you missed. Not one of my favourite passtimes.

Eventually I made it to the hotel. I was actually booked into the B&B run by the same chain across the road but thay’ve moved me into a single in the more expensive main hotel instead of a twin in the B&B, presumeably so they could charge double for the twin.

As I was running late I ended up eating in the hotel restaurant. Um. Very limited menu, and while the chap on duty was pleasant enough he wasn’t particularly organised (and therefore slooooow). The lamb fillet was quite nice, served with potato gratin and a ‘wild’ sauce. Wild what, the waiter had no idea, but I think it might have been mushroom.

I’m now tucked up in bed hoping to get some sleep before my 04:30 tomorrow morning…